Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shearing Day

Our Shy Guy is hiding that he has a partial hair Cut.

Here he is showing us what his hair cut looks like so far.

This is the fleece from side one laid out so I can remove the second cuts.

Yoshi is waiting patiently for her turn.

Here we have more fleece to be checked before storing it.

This little guy is sure hoping you will remember what he looks like with fur when you enter the naming contest.
He has a beautiful fleece I can't wait to card up.
After he was done with his hair cut and pedicure he had a big helping of sweet feed while Yoshi and Salty had a hair cut.
Yoshi was not happy about parting with her beautiful locks.
Rich, Sam and I all got Llama Showers.
Salty was very dignified and it was nice to end on a positive note.
Then we all took hot water showers with lots of Soap!

Please send in your "Z" name and enter our naming contest.
The newest entries suggested,
ZuZu, Zeus, Zack and Zinc.
The winner will be chosen randomly from all the entries, so go ahead and send us your suggestion.
Happy Spinning!

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