Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Roving

Ahh Spring!
I am so thankful that warm weather is on the way. My roving for April is based on the daffodils that are starting to sprout up all over Iowa.

The yellow is Merino wool that my husband brought home from Amana, some Merino mill ends, Bamboo and firestar. The Green is superwash merino and soy silk. I also added some white viscose and Angelina.

This is what a striped batt looks like and how it pulls into roving.

This is the same fiber blended together. It looks a lot like sherbet.

Some of the spindles I finished March 29th. They should be up on the shop soon.

My babies!
I love to raise silk worms. They are really caterpillars as they make cocoons and hatch into Moths. These little guys are about 2 weeks old. When they hatch they are about 2mm long and they keep growing until they are between 4-5 inches. Then they spin beautiful silk cocoons. I let all of my silk making friends hatch and soon I have lots of moths. Don't worry they can't fly.
I will have silk worm updates each week. So you can see them grow with out all the messy work.

Happy Spinning!