Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Distaff Day!

Anticipation of Spring our January Fiber Blend

The purple violets that spring up in our yard as soon as the snow melts inspire this fiber blend. I wanted to give the impression that all the beautiful flowers were just underneath a layer of snow, just waiting to dazzle us with all their glory.

Kim's thoughts were of all the spring fairies just waiting under the snow, counting the days until they could start spreading all the spring colors.
Anticipation Dragon Eggs are a blend of super-wash merino, merino mill ends, soy silk, bamboo and angelina.

New for 2010
After 2 years of searching we have found a new material for spindle hooks. My husband and I are very particular, we have been looking for a metal that was strong and flexible, but would hold it's shape well and a material that would hold up to the abuse that I put all my spindles to. I have to admit I am very hard on spindles, I tend to drop them on lots of different surfaces.
We should have spindles with the new hooks up sometime Sunday.
Look for spindles with 2010 in the description.

Enjoy Distaff Day January 7th.