Friday, September 18, 2009

New Fibers

Wow, what a week Dragon Craft has had!
We only have one Deep Water Dragon Batt left, so here are the October Batts!

Our garden is just buzzing with bees.

Inspired by all the bees, is a roving filled with lots of merino mill ends for texture, more merino, and bamboo. Of course bees have just a little shimmer to them so we added just a little firestar in black and orange. These batts all have super-wash merino and will not felt.

If you don't like bees....

This blend is inspired by fall leaves.
I may have been a little heavy handed on the orange.
The fibers used in the fall leaves blend are merino, superwash merino, soy silk, brown merino, and orange firestar for just a little shimmer. These batts may or may not felt.
If you are purchasing a spindle from make sure and let us know what color you would prefer.

Also I wanted to thank Nadiah for her fabulous YouTube video.
Thanks so much!

Happy Spinning!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September Fiber

The September fiber of the month is.....

A fantastic blend of Superwash Merino, Lincoln Longwool (from our little farm), corn silk (ingeo), mill ends and firestar.

All of our spindles are sent with roving please be sure to let me know if you would prefer a Dragon Egg (batt). The batts are carded on my Louette Roving Carder and measure 4 x 26 inches.

This is a sample skein of the September fiber, it is a 2 ply and measured 36 yards.

Labor Day weekend I did an educational display in Dundas, Mn. I brought my Ashford and spun from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. So I thought I would share the photos with you.
The white skein is a 2 ply merino cashmere blend ( a splurge), the first pink is merino 4-ply, the second pink is a 2 ply bamboo merino blend, the 3rd and 4th pink skeins are 2 ply merino roving that was spaced dyed. They are super loud colors, I brought this roving to spin because children really like bright colors and they are really interested in watching the colors change on the bobbin.
Until next time,
Happy Spinning!