Monday, February 15, 2010

Febuary Fibers

Our February Fiber of the month is a little girls dream. It reminds me of cotton candy and barbie dolls.

In this magical blend of fibers has SuperWash merino, Ingeo, Bamboo, Firestar, and Angelina.

I have been really behind this month due to family stuff and way too many hours clearing snow from the driveway and sidewalk.

So I wanted to give all of our followers a
special peek at the spindles that are waiting to be listed.
Each spindle has been labeled with the weight, diameter of the whorl, if it has been notched, tested, and what type of hook is on the shaft. If you fall in love with a spindle and would like me to list it as a reserve for you just send me an email and I get it listed right away. There are also spindles that are not up to my standards pictured that will be listed on Monday mornings in the oops category. The imperfect spindles have an additional note describing what is wrong with them. My collection of imperfect spindles is just getting a little too large, and Kim needs more money for textbooks.
I hope that March will come in like a lamb and be a very calm month.
Happy Spinning!