Thursday, May 19, 2011

May Flowers spin pretty yarns.

I just had to share these pictures I took yesterday.

These pictures were taken at sunset, so I am calling this spindle Evening Run.
Kim is all moved into her apartment, and starting to settle in.
She has even requested her tiger lilies for the little garden.

Now that we are finished with our spring shows I am trying to get all the spindles photographed so I can start listing them.
And I did start a spoiler album for my fans.
I better go, the silkworms are calling!
Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Silkworms and Mulberry Leaves!

Boy has it been a busy spring.
It was fun to go to Shepherds Harvest Festival in Lake Elmo,Mn. Now I just need to go through all the boxes and get them sorted and back into the studio ;-)

These little Silkworms just hatched this morning, and they are the first silkworms of the season to have fresh tasty baby Mulberry leaves right off the trees.
These babies were taken out of Hibernation on April 30th, for our Iowa City Show.

These are some of our first moths of 2011 and freshly laid eggs. In the next day or so they should turn gray and then I will stick them in the fridge for at least 3 weeks.
I am guessing they will be in the fridge all winter because I have at least 400 reverse zebra silkworms getting ready to hatch in the next few days as well.
Someone should call me crazy, because I think I might be.

I will be taking pictures of lots of spindles to list over the next few months later this week.
And Dragon Eggs too!
Today Kim moves into her new ISU apartment, and I get to help.
At least it will be the last move until she graduates.
I better get going.
Happy May!