Monday, July 28, 2008

Learners Permit

My first blog entry! I am still learning and have a supervising teacher, better known as my computer slave Kim. Kim is going off to college this fall and is giving me a crash course before she leaves.

We have been busy working on custom spindles for fyberspates
and we are starting a new order for twist of fate yarns

We just finished a few more spindles for our etsy shop, Kim will be adding them to our store this week.

Next week I plan to make more mystery batts. A nice man from Union Iowa gave me a big bag of Camel fibers and I am dreaming of fiber combinations. My son Sam is begging for a hat and mittens made of camel.

I took these pictures a few weeks ago while making green sea batts. First I pick out the colors and different fibers I want to use.

After I choose the fibers , I pick the fibers that need it. Mostly the fibers from our farm, Llama and Lincoln Longwool. In this picture it is llama. My husband made this picker for me , it really opens up the fibers , but I love how all the VM falls to the bottom.

This is Lincoln Longwool.
Then I weigh out the fibers so each batt has the same content, and I don't overload my carder.

I make several bags of fiber before I take out my drum carder.

Next week pictures of me carding, hopefully camel.